Thursday, July 19, 2012

IRO Online

IRO stands for International Ragnarok Online which is the official english ragnarok online server. IRO Online has been opened since the release date June 1, 2003. And since then the game Ragnarok Online has also faced many changes such as the move from what we call pre-renewal Ragnarok Online to Renewal Ragnarok Online. But Ragnarok Online still contains popularity with people today with many who find the game to be exciting and provide many interesting elements.

Some of which include what is called Ragnarok Private Servers. There is controvery about private servers including many people who feel that these servers should be or are illegal. But the lines of legalty differ quite a lot depending on the software that the server owner decides to use. Any owners that use the Aegis software which has been leaked is illegal. Other servers which use another type of software such as Rathena or Eathena are just emulation software similar to the game console emulator's.

IRO Online has also made one major change in the last year by going from a pay to play game to a free to play. And most people would think that this was a good move by the developers of Ragnaork online but one of the things many people do not realise is that they end up spending more money on the cash items and the VIP features then they ever spent monthly.  Everytime you have to spend ten to twenty dollars a month or more you have already giving them more then you would have with paying the subscription fee.

When game servers switch to free to play they only get more greedy special promotions and events causing you to spend more and more money and you do not see anything special or new most of that money are just profits to the company. I'm not saying that companies should not make money i'm just saying that the way IRO Online is doing it they are getting greedy like for example having monthly events which if you +9 an item you can participate in special events which only last a week and people spend hundreds of dollars to do that and after the event is over the effect of the event is also over and thats the end of it.

Some people mock on private servers and when you think about how many run there servers its actually cheaper to play a private server over spending money in the cash shop on iro. Once you buy many items on a private server you never have to purchase them again many provide free cash items or bonus rewards. And some even offer ways to donate without spending money.

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