Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tree Of Savior Open Beta

The Korean company Nexon has set a open beta release date for Tree of Savior set for December. Currently the English servers are in closed beta testing and it is likely that there will be a total of three closed beta's for the English servers. But Tree of Savior looks like a very promising remake to Ragnarok Online. Whether it fails or succeeds will depend a lot on how well they can pull off the enjoyable feel that Ragnarok Online gave us.

The developer company has promised that Tree of Savior will not be a pay to win game unlike what Ragnarok Online turned into after the subscription was taken away. It is much too early to know exactly what the shop in game will be selling and what elite services the game might offer.

Although Tree of Savior is not free of bots currently either. People are using everything from macroing bots to spam the attack button on boss spawns to level up or even just targeting bots that can level up in other maps. These will need to be gotten rid of before release or we will see a ressurection of IRO days when bots controlled the whole server.

The game also has people teleport hacking currently and using speed hacks. But it is still early in the games development so we hope to see the removal of these types of exploits including the semi god mode exploit that is also floating around.

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