Sunday, March 26, 2017

Day Dream Ragnarok Online

So it's been years since I posted on here but one of my friends plans on opening a Ragnarok Online server called Day Dream RO the server has full renewal and the rates of the server are 15/15/10. The server includes many unique customs such as custom maps, monsters, weapons, cards and more. Some of the unique maps include, Caverns of Time, Sleepy Hallow, Ice Dungeon, and more. They also have many custom 3d monsters which are rare to find in the game of Ragnarok but add extra spice to the game.

The server has many custom quests and things for people to do. Including a title system which allows players to collect titles which not only grant different titles but also give players a boost in stats. The staff are not only friendly but know what they are doing. They are the same staff which ran the Ragnarok Online servers called RoForever, ChaosRO, and ExistenceRO and have 12 years experience making and running different types of servers. They always care about bringing what the player community wants in a Ragnarok Online server.

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